10 reasons decking is a garden investment

Let’s be honest, putting decking up is a commitment. It’s not difficult to do, but it is certainly a sizeable DIY project or something you might even want to call in the professionals for. While the value of decking keeps getting better and better, fitting decking into a good-sized area can still add up. So, why is it worth shelling out and putting in all that hard work?

Here are 10 reasons why decking is a great garden investment:

1. Decking will add value to your property

Decking is a relatively quick and easy clean-up if you want to sell your home, and even if you’re installing it for yourself, it is a desirable and valuable addition to your outside space. You don’t need to take our word for it, TV estate agent extraordinaire Phil Spencer has estimated that decking can add as much as 2% to the value of your home. If that’s less than you pay for the decking, you’re definitely paying too much for it!


2. Outdoor living is better living

The British climate sometimes conspires against our Mediterranean instincts, but we love to get outdoors, and decking makes it a pleasure. Is there anything more British than gardening and picnicking? We might need to import that mouth-watering barbecue ribs recipe from the USA and some salad crops from the shores of the Med, but we’ve been roasting on sticks since before the Romans arrived – whatever the weather.


3. Decking is a low-maintenance dream

You shouldn’t just plant your decking on the floor and leave it, but it’s a relatively low-effort option, even if you’re not a green-fingered wizard. Decking most often stands in for lawns, and there is no single area of gardening – and British gardening psychology – that causes more frustration and pain than lawns. The weeds, the mud, the dust… decking can be treated with a preservative and checked over for safety and, that’s it, you’re good to go for another season.


4. Decking is a childhood paradise

Kids create their own play spaces. We all have stories of little ones discarding expensive presents to find hours of fun with the box it came in. Well, decking is a great start for youngsters with a healthy imagination. Always make sure your decking is secure and safe for kids, and once it is, it’ll likely become a fort, palace, boat and spaceship in just one afternoon.


5. Decking is entertainment

If you don’t have a garden that you’re happy to host your friends in, then you’re not getting the most out of your outdoor space. Decking is a tidy, neat and high-heel friendly way to run your interiors out to the great outdoors. Take care with your design, and you can even echo design ideas through both spaces and have a space where wandering elegantly with a glass in hand, or enjoying a cup of tea and a cake in a comfy chair, is a natural fit.


6. Decking is for every weather

Add a pergola or a canvas roof and you’ve got a waterproof shelter or some extra shade in summer. With decking, you’ll never sink up to your ankles in mud and, come summer, it’s a dust-free zone that’s great for anyone who’s a bit dressed up or sensitive to garden allergies. Does composite decking get hot? No. Or at least no hotter than stained wood decking, and with very little variation depending on the colour of your decking. In UK weather conditions, if your decking is in danger of burning your skin, it’s probably on fire!


7. Decking is mobility friendly

Wild gardening is all the rage, but it isn’t for everyone. As we get older, we need surfaces that are more level and stable and, in a garden, decking can be a rare oasis of safe ground for everyone – of any age – with mobility issues. Fencing helps keep decking safe, and it’s relatively easy to build ramp access if you need it. Gardens can feel off-limits to a person with a disability, and decking can open that door for them.


8. Decking is a blank canvas

Although the materials from which you build your decking come from quite a small design palate – a range of woods and composites – the things you can do with them are almost limitless. If you were a childhood Lego, Meccano, or jigsaw fan, or have design ambitions now, then go to town on your decking. Use curves, paint, decorations, planting, roofs, detailing, and split levels to make your decking a fantastic advert for your visual acuity.


9. Decking is space and freedom

Forget the idea that decking will tie you up with lots of work. Decking is hugely versatile and can bring into use land that you would otherwise struggle to use – steep slopes, uneven ground, and ground that is prone to flooding can all be “saved” with decking. It’s also a brilliant planting area, and in small gardens or land with poor soil, decking and containers could be the only way you can grow, and it’s a great way to populate your garden with exotics or alpines that would normally require custom landscapes.


10. Decking is for everyone!

Decking is an easy-to-fit and fantastic-value and transformative addition to your garden. It’s a great way to bring all of your family together in a custom-made outdoor space. It’s a sophisticated al-fresco dinner and an afternoon play party; a place for a special occasion or to string up a hammock and lose yourself in a book. It can hide the ugly in your garden and enhance the good, and it always provides a fantastic link between the inside and out.


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01 Aug 18