5 reasons to use AVS for your fencing supplies

After 25 years spent delivering high-quality fencing solutions to customers working on landscaping and construction projects, both business-driven and DIY-focused, AVS Fencing Supplies have grown to nine branches across South and East England. An unbridled knowledge of fencing meets unwavering confidence in our stock to create a proven winning formula: the foundation for any project, from the biggest to the smallest.

Here are five ways using AVS Fencing Supplies will be the best decision you could make for your project.

1: The Planning Stage

The first question asked is: “What must the fencing achieve?” Generally, it will be one of five things: security, privacy, screening, budget, or aesthetics.

For larger projects, the fencing may play different roles for different areas of use. For example, security will protect high-value areas, screening wraps around noisy areas, and decorative fencing will find pride of place in areas used to entertain or relax.

We have decades of experience with seeing how people respond to all manner of fencing, and will consider your plans studiously to find the best possible materials for the job.

2: A beginning-to-end scope

Through questioning and challenging assumptions, our team’s experience can accurately specify each aspect of the project. If the specification is done badly at the start of any job, it will suffer, creating a ripple effect of work-halting problems.

Our assistance with the planning benefits the contractor in his costing, logistics, and timing, organised by a roadmap spanning from concept stage to conclusion phase.

3: Fantastic products, and how to use them

AVS Fencing Supplies provide products in wood or metal, and we also offer a wide range of landscaping materials as well.

Metal has the benefits of solidity and durability. We can provide seven or five-bar field gates and decorative entry gates, plus security palisades.

Wood, meanwhile, naturally ticks all the boxes, and ours is highly sustainable. Most AVS timber is sourced from FSC-accredited forests, and the majority is from the UK, reducing the carbon footprint.

4: Specialist help for the niche projects

An area in which we add considerable value is ironmongery. Our understanding of how various locks and hinges perform is very important for the eventual smooth day-to-day use.

We stock a large range and can quickly source what we don’t hold at the branch.

5: Carefully-coordinated logistics

Even a small fencing project can become very complex — careful coordination is essential. Often, the fencer is there at the beginning and end of the building programme.

AVS is one of UK’s largest suppliers of fencing materials. As such, we have immediate access to a huge variety and volume of fencing products. Our relationships with the manufacturers such that we can often access very large quantities and/or difficult to source varieties more reliably than others.

We run a fleet of lorries and vans, and our delivery drivers work directly for us, not an agency. They will get to know projects and the best way to help, be it in timing drops, delivery points, or tricky relations with the site manager.

And one for luck: supplies specifically for you

Importantly, we can customise fencing solutions, either constructing ourselves or working closely with suppliers to offer an extensive choice of pickets/palisades, closeboard, or traditional lap panels.

We also offer bespoke composite panels, acoustic reduction panels, concrete or wooden posts, concrete spurs, rail fencing to contain sand schools and fields, fixings, trellises of all sorts, screens, finials, gravel boards, sheds, and post mix — to name a few!

We’ve got the lot, in our minds and in our stockrooms!

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12 Jul 18