A Guide to Decorating your Shed

As spring approaches, sheds are getting more popular. Whether you are already the proud owner of a shed or are planning on getting one, there are plenty of things you can do to freshen it up and give it character.

Sheds are extremely versatile garden structures that can be transformed into pretty much whatever you want. Whether you are looking for a space to relax in your garden, a spot for growing your plants or simply a place to store your items, sheds have plenty of uses.

So what exactly can you do to get your shed looking perfect, ready for the summer weather?

Style of Shed

Before deciding on the interior and exterior look of your shed, you need to consider its function. Is your shed being used as a space to have fun and entertain or will you be making it a quiet sanctuary for you to relax in and unwind?

Perhaps if you are just using your shed as storage space, you are not so concerned with the interior. Making the outside of the shed eye catching however is still important as it will make an impact on your overall garden design. Best of all, no one will even realise you are keeping rusty nails and paint tins in there!

Create a Peaceful Environment

If you are looking for a tranquil place to sit, read a book or get some work done, you will want a shed or summerhouse that is uncluttered, clean and minimal looking inside.

Painting the inside of your shed in a light colour like white or cream will give it a calming feeling. A bold colour could make your shed look a little too busy when combined with the items in your shed, however this is your private space so it is completely up to you!

As we all know how nature is good for the mind, body and soul, we recommend that you keep bits of the interior wood exposed. Keeping some of the wood bare will preserve the natural look of your shed and stop it from looking too detached from the rest of your garden.

Comfy furniture and a small table for snacks and drinks are essential items to keep in your shed or summerhouse. If you want to make your shed feel even cosier, you could put up shelves for your books and lay a rug on the floor to keep your feet warm.

Entertain Family & Friends

Sheds are great for throwing dinner parties at any time of the year. When thinking about the look of the interior, your main priority is to stop it from looking too cluttered.

Because there will be a table and chairs as well as your guests taking up a lot of space inside your shed, you will want to create as much open space as possible. Keep available space uncluttered by putting up shelves or storing items in storage boxes that can be hidden under the table. You could even invest in one or more clever storage seats, depending on how many things you have lying around!

Grow your Plants

Growing plants is another popular use for garden sheds. Sheds with larger front windows are ideal for getting sunlight to the plants while keeping them sheltered from the outside.

To complement the look of your growing plants and flowers, you could use a colourful theme to decorate the exterior of your shed. Go bold with colours like pink, green and orange to make your shed really stand out.

Have Fun with the Kids

Playhouses are popular amongst families and children and can provide hours of fun all year round. To stop this type of shed from getting messy, invest in storage boxes or storage seats to keep toys in.

Opt for bold colours or even go with a princess or fairytale theme – whatever your children prefer.

Whatever you decide to use your shed for, get creative and make the perfect outdoor space for you.

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21 Feb 18