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AVS Fencing Supplies Blenheim Palace BBC Countryfile Live

At AVS Fencing Supplies, we’ve been busy providing the materials used to bring to life The Famous Five Garden at the BBC’s Countryfile Live show in the grounds of Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire!

Watch the first chapter of the Famous Five Garden project:

Our friends at BNE Landscaping took the lead on using AVS materials to construct the feature in honour of renowned author Enid Blyton and her adventurous crew of globally-celebrated characters.

Standing proud and prominent at the heart of the reading garden was an intricate wooden spiral staircase, complete with ornate steel finishes.

Watch the first day of construction:

A border of weaved wattle fences encircled the space, giving the garden a rustic feel that The Famous Five would be all too familiar with from their countryside escapades.

BNE Landscaping used our popular wooden sleepers to create five impressive planters which, from August 2nd to August 5th, was awash with colour.

Watch the full project unfold, from the first delivery of materials to the final day of construction:

Countryfile Live is a spectacular event inspired by the UK’s most-watched documentary show, Countryfile. Once again, this year’s event showcased the beauty and brilliance of the thriving British countryside.

Seeing our materials used in a literature-inspired space at an event where large-scale country fairs meet the high-end storytelling of one of the BBC’s flagship shows was exhilarating! And watching the build progress over the course of the week leading up to the event was tremendously exciting.

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09 Aug 18