AVS materials used at BBC Countryfile Live 2018

AVS Fencing have been working with Hachette Children’s Books, the publisher of children’s book series The Famous Five, to supply all the materials needed for the build of their themed garden at BBC Countryfile Live 2018, on the grounds of the magnificent Blenheim Palace.

To give you an insight into what goes into a project of this stature, here’s an at-a-glance breakdown of the materials we assembled to bring The Famous Five Garden to life!



One of the foundational pieces to the Famous Five Garden, sleepers are perfect for landscaping projects of all sizes, striking a fine balance between versatility and robustness. At BBC Countryfile Live, we’ve seen the sleepers we supplied transformed into five spectacular raised beds for a range of vegetation. As well as oak and softwood sleepers, we offer reclaimed creosoted materials, for an added level of durability.


Machine Rounded Pointed Posts

Rounded Pointed Posts

We’ve supplied a succession of machine-rounded, pressure-treated, point-ended poststo The Famous Five Garden at BBC Countryfile Live. The pointed ends speed up the installation process. For your dream DIY garden, these posts can be customised with bespoke colour stains, helping you create boundaries which suit your style. At BBC Countryfile Live, the posts form the supports for our wattle hurdle fencing.


Hurdle Garden Screening

Hurdle Garden Screening

If you’re going for a rustic look, willow hurdle panelsare the perfect choice. They add a touch of rural charm to every project. Their winding woven aesthetic contrasts the linear forms of the sleeper beds majestically in The Famous Five Garden. We supplied an impressive 21 panels.


Geotextile Membrane

The most sci-fi-sounding product on our BBC Countryfile supply list! Geotextile membrane serves the simple but vital purpose of underlaying artificial grounds, as a long-term fixture or for temporary placements a la The Famous Five Garden. Helps with deconstruction clean-ups, too!


Timberlock Screws

Timberlock Screws

There are 500 hex-headed Timberlock screwsholding The Famous Five Garden together, keeping everything safe, secure, and beautiful — including our bespoke spiral staircase at the heart of the project.


Timber Posts

Timber Posts

Reinforcing the inner structure of the planter beds, these pressure-treated timber posts are kiln-dried and preserved for longevity. We can deliver them in many sizes for your trade and/or DIY projects.


Topsoil/Bark Mulch

The Famous Five Garden at BBC Countryfile Live uses five tonnes of our premium topsoil and bark to give its vegetation somewhere cosy to call home. Delivered in handy bulk bags, there are endless practical applications for any gardening and landscaping project.


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03 Aug 18