Cheap Decking – Buy Cheap, Buy Twice!

Cheap decking materials may seem like a bargain, but in the long term it pays to be aware of the drawbacks. For al fresco entertaining, a wooden deck is often considered to be a lower cost alternative to a traditional paved patio.

While this can undoubtedly be the case, the initial outlay isn’t the only factor you’ll want to consider. Choosing good quality timber boards will ensure that the latest addition to your landscaping is strong and durable – saving you money in the long run.


The pitfalls of poor quality cheap decking begin with ease of construction. With any decking project, the structure is only as strong as the materials you use. Poor quality timber boards will often be thinner and therefore less sturdy, making them more difficult to work with during the construction stage. However, it’s also important to think in the longer term.

While timber decking can instantly transform your garden, like any home improvement it’s potentially also an investment. Choose good quality boards from the outset and, with the right care, you’ll be enjoying your deck for years to come.

Invest in Quality

Luckily, ‘good quality’ doesn’t have to mean expensive. Poor quality cheap decking will cost you in the long run, but AVS offer a range of options that combine quality with affordability. When selecting timber for your wooden deck, you have the choice of either softwood or hardboard boards.

Softwood boards are an affordable option, and come in a variety of styles and thickness’s to help you achieve the desired finish. Whatever the effect you’re aiming for, you’ll want to look for slow grown decking boards.

Slow grown timber is denser and therefore more durable, making it an ideal choice for garden decking. It also won’t expand as much in rainwater, to help you avoid problems you’d encounter with poor quality cheap decking such as warping and splitting. In the unpredictable British climate, that’s a definite plus!


Hardwood is the more expensive option, which reflects the considerably longer growth time. The finished product is solid, attractive and hard-wearing. If you’re constructing a timber deck for commercial use, you might want to consider selecting hardwood decking boards for their superior durability under heavy use.

They’re a good choice for areas that will see a lot of traffic, such as a pub garden. However, they’re also seriously stylish – so if you’re looking to give your landscaping a luxe edge, that might be the way to go.

Timber base rails

It’s also essential to use good quality timber base rails for your decking project. It may be tempting to purchase cheap decking rails without considering the pitfalls, especially since they’ll be hidden from sight once the project is completed. Certainly, they don’t need to look attractive – however, rails will form the skeleton of your new decking project, so you’re looking for timber with strength here.

With the added protection of pressure-treated wood, you can be confident that your deck is built to last.

Looking for materials that combine value and durability? Then head over to our decking section and start planning your new garden deck today!

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21 Sep 18