Clever Decking Designs

Need some decking ideas to spruce up your back garden still? Creating bespoke garden decking is easy, and now is the perfect time to get it going! Turn your decking ideas into reality, and you can enjoy it for years. There are many options when it comes to which decking materials and layouts you can select, and just as many reasons why you should choose garden decking for your home.

Expand your Space

One of the best decking ideas is to use a deck to broaden a porch or patio, expanding the space. The effect? You just added an extra room to your living area, for entertaining family and friends, all in the fresh air, outdoors. Decks make wonderful areas for evening movie viewing, including garden furniture. Use well-situated pergolas or timber posts with creative oak or other cross-built timber covers to provide shade or a more substantial roof.


Use your decking ideas to create the ideal BBQ area for warmer spring and summer months. Solid wood decking boards are the perfect material to use. It can be constructed to seamlessly extend an interior space like a living room into the outdoors. Deck boards, usually used for residential decking, come in a variety of colours or can be stained yourself, and have surface and edging selections to suit every taste.

Get Some Privacy

Garden decking can establish a private area away from the action, and can easily be built to capture the best sunlight for plants. A raised deck keeps children out of the dirt or off rain-soaked ground, and offers a better view from your yard.

Why not take your long-held decking ideas and turn them into actual garden decking? Because it will make your life a lot more enjoyable and offer year-round beauty and enjoyment.


Want more of a view of the scenery? Decking rope provides some safety without blocking vision. Need to keep kids from falling off decking? Combine feather edge closeboard fencing with sturdy railings or creatively use high tensile wire, weld mesh or other materials to prevent falls. Some can be painted, to match your house.

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