Contemporary Design for Small Gardens

Small gardens can at times be difficult to work with. The amount of space that they do offer can often feel limiting but it is certainly not impossible to achieve a stylish, contemporary look with a few clever tips and tricks.

Creating Lines

If you want to keep your garden looking organic with a modern feel, opt for wooden materials or even assemble your own furniture with sleepers. Oak sleepers give a natural, luxurious look while softwood sleepers look clean and light enough to fit in with a contemporary style garden. However if you are after a more traditional look to contrast your modern style garden, rustic sleepers would fit perfectly.

Focal Points

One or two key focal points are essential in a small garden. They can transform a dull space into a quirky and creative haven. Although furniture can act as a focal point, there are other options. Have you ever considered hanging mirrors in your garden to create a better feeling of space? If not, they are certainly worth a try. A lattice or gothic style garden mirror can also add a touch of individuality and will help draw the eye towards the more interesting features of your garden.

Another idea is to add a row of small trees or bamboo plants to one side of the garden in order to create a strong structural presence and focal point. Sleepers, as mentioned before can double up as screening to help keep the row of plants neat and tidy and can be easily incorporated into your overall contemporary design.


A garden without a lawn can really benefit from a low-maintenance, stylish surface made for sitting and dining. Carefully placed decking can make your garden appear modern and clean cut while offering a practical solution for entertaining guests.

Take your pick from the various different shades and textures of decking materials on offer. Smooth decking boards for example can provide a uniformed look while grooved boards can add extra interest to the design of your garden, owing to the interesting patterns they display.

Whatever look you are aiming to achieve in your garden, decking is an essential part of creating a modern and practical city garden.

If you have any tips for creating a modern and contemporary look in a small garden, feel free to share your ideas by commenting below.

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21 Feb 18