Finishing Touches Make the World of Difference to Your Fence

Putting the finishing touches to your fence makes all the difference when it comes to the overall look and feel of your garden. Whether your outside space seems a little lacklustre after the winter months, or your brand new fence is just lacking a little flair, check out our tips for a fencing makeover that’ll give your garden a boost.

If you’re a keen gardener or just keen on relaxing in the garden, you want your outside space to appear well kept and inviting. A new fence will usually tick the first box, but it can feel a little utilitarian. Equally, an older fence can start to look shabby.

This is where putting the finishing touches to your fence comes in. Whether your goal is to spruce up what’s already there or put your personal stamp on a new addition, the solution is at hand – and the good news is, it’s easier than you think.

Fence post caps

Paying some attention to your posts is probably the quickest way to make a wooden fence look more pulled together. Multi-tasking post caps instantly add interest to your fence and protect your posts from potentially damaging moisture.

Post caps come in a variety of shapes and finishes, ranging from contemporary flat wooden toppers to more classic styles in hard wearing aluminium. If you’re looking for something that will really make an impact, wooden ball finials do the job of a post cap while also adding a touch of distinction.

Trellis and lattice

If you’re looking for a quick and easy finishing touch that will improve both the appearance and performance of your fence, consider adding trellis. Whether your style is classic or more contemporary, there’s a trellis or lattice panel available to suit.

Slim-line trellis panels are ideal for smaller gardens, or gardens that are overlooked by neighbouring houses. Fixed along the top of your fence, they provide a little extra privacy without blocking out any of that precious sunlight – and they look fantastic.

If square footage is limited, the addition of simple trellis panels to your fence will also boost your garden’s potential for planting. Climbing and trailing plants add interest at eye level, transforming even the smallest outside space into a lush, verdant oasis.

Paint and stain

Putting the finishing touches to your fence doesn’t just mean improving its appearance in the here and now – it’s also about preserving the lifespan of its wooden components and preventing warping, so you’ll be enjoying it for years to come.

The best wood protectors do both, enhancing the appearance of your wooden fence while they care for the timber. I generally recommend pre-treated fence panels, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice putting your personal stamp on the finished product.

Picket fence panels, for example, look fantastic stained or painted in a classic white or cream. For best results you’ll want to opt for a product specifically designed for external timber to keep your fence looking tip top for longer.

Closeboard or lap panel fences are also enhanced by a protective wood treatment. Traditional stains range from clear to ebony, but bolder shades such as sage green make an eye-catching statement while complementing the natural hues of your garden.

Protective wood stain is also a great solution if you’ve had to replace individual panels – a coat or two of tinted stain will protect old and new panels alike while disguising any disparity in shade, for a pulled together appearance.

The garden gate

When putting the finishing touches to your fence, don’t forget to give the gate some attention too. Just as the fireplace is the centrepiece of your living room, your garden gate is a key feature that you won’t want to overlook.

Start with the gate itself – it should match or complement your garden fence. For rear garden lap panel or closeboard fencing, a matching gate will blend in perfectly, continuing the look and feel of your fence. For a front garden, it’s all about kerb appeal.

Next, consider ironmongery. For a rear garden your main priority will probably be security, so you’ll want to choose a sturdy bolt and hinges. For the front garden, put more thought into choosing fixtures that will complement the look and style of your property – for example, galvanised steel with a black finish looks smart paired with warmer hues.

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21 Feb 18