Gold, GOLD! Always believe in your staff!

AVS are now the very proud owners of some serious business bling. We have been awarded the highly coveted (and rarely achieved), Investors in People (IIP) GOLD standard!

As a company, we appreciate that the well-being of our staff is incredibly important. Because we value our team, our goal is to continue the development of AVS employees in all aspects, whether it be on a professional or personal level. This in turn helps ensure staff are well equipped to handle challenges and deliver excellent customer service, driving the growth of the business further.

We began our IIP journey of improving employee care and development in 2014 and achieved our first Bronze accreditation shortly after. Since then we have progressed onto Silver and now Gold.

So what is Investors in People (IIP)?

Investors in People is a management framework for businesses. Their sought after accreditation is recognised all over the world and is a standard mark for excellence.

IIP celebrate best practice in people management, equipping organisations with the tools they need to succeed. The framework was formed in 1991 after being established by the UK Government to help businesses get the best from their staff.

There are now over 15,000 organisations across 75 countries that now hold the prestigious accreditation. And here at AVS we are very proud to be one of very few to achieve the GOLD standard.

How are IIP Accreditations achieved?

The Investors in People framework put organisations through a rigorous and objective assessment to determine the level of their performance.

The IIP assesses the structures put in place for aspects relating to ‘planning’, ‘doing’ and ‘reviewing’. In terms of ‘planning’, these include but are not limited to business strategy, people management strategy, learning and development management strategy.

As for the ‘doing’, things like management effectiveness, learning and development, and involvement and empowerment, are assessed. Finally, ‘reviewing’ involves assessment of performance measurement, and continuous improvement.

What are the benefits of achieving the IIP accreditation?

Accredited organisations are suggested to be more profitable, sustainable and excited for the future challenges ahead. Staff are able to benefit from improved engagement in the workplace as well as a better working culture overall.

Finally, the happiness and fulfillment of our staff have a knock-on effect on the success of our business, making sure we are one step ahead at all times.

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21 Feb 18