Has your fence been damaged by high winds?

Recent high winds across the South East of England has been the cause of many home owners despair. With high winds reported, many have been left with damage to their fencing. The high winds have attributed to split fence posts, broken arris rails and broken and twisted garden fence panels.

If your fence has suffered damage of this extent, fixing the damage does not need to be expensive. AVS Fencing stock a number of items for repairing fences, preventing the need to replace sections altogether.

If you have broken arris rails, simply use an arris rail repair bracket, which is easily screwed or nailed into place. For posts that have broken at the bottom, use a metpost repair spur or a concrete repair spur to support the damaged post.

Let us Help

If the wind has damaged parts of your garden fence beyond repair, we have great offers on garden fence panels this month. The offer includes pressure treated closeboard and lap panels, as well as the dip treated closeboard and lap panel alternatives, so there is a panel to suit all budgets and needs.

Remember, when purchasing panels for the future, that closeboard style fences are the strongest and are therefore less likely to be damaged by strong wind.

For more experienced DIY enthusiasts, consider erecting hit and miss fencing. Hit and miss fencing is perfect for exposed, windy locations as it lets the wind pass through the fence and retains your gardens privacy. To construct hit and miss fencing you will need to use timber palisade and rails between your fence posts. Pictured above is an example of hit and miss fencing.

For expert advice on repairing your fence, contact your nearest AVS Fencing supplies branch today.

Take Care of Yourself

Most importantly, you should remember to look after your personal safety as well as the people around you. The Met Office recommends securing garden objects such as ladders and furniture before the storm, to make sure they do not fly and break your windows.

It is also advised that during a storm, you should stay inside as much as possible. However if you do go outside, remember not to repair items or shelter near buildings and trees that could collapse. For more helpful advice on what to do in a storm, take a look at the Met Office website.

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21 Feb 18