How to Build Decking

It’s time to bring your great decking ideas to life! To save you money, time and hassle, here are a few tips on building garden decking. It will help you to know a bit about styles of decking design, wood stain options, and some specifics about how to build a deck. The basics apply for any type and size of garden decking, but will, of course, vary according to the structure you choose to build.

Decking Preparation

The key to starting your garden decking is preparing the ground it will rest upon; this first entails leveling the ground itself. If building a ground level deck, the entire structure rests upon the base, so concrete slabs must be positioned in-ground below where the deck is positioned. Then, timber bearers need to be positioned to support the entire structure, as well as the people and objects resting on it.


Next, a frame is constructed, using joists that interlock the boards and strengthen the entire deck. Care must be taken to align the frame, to avoid warping or uneven decking. Fixing deck boards follows, and many options exist for surface styles and looks. AVS Arbordeck wood has many reeded boards and other attractive choices.

Made from durable redwood grown in northern latitudes, it requires little maintenance. Its slow-growth nature resists twisting, warping and splitting, and its minimal water absorption reduces movement when water gets into it, as happens to all woods outdoors. The wood’s handsome, natural look makes it a superb pick for most of your decking ideas.

Next Steps

Use special no-predrill decking screws to avoid reacting with the treatments given to decking boards, thus cutting rust. Such treatments make decking boards last and resist insects. Simple ground level decking ideas easily adapt to smaller spaces, or to make a patio a bit larger.

Creating a multi-level deck is a good decking idea for those who want a larger, building wrap-around or stair-cased version. Building a deck on sloping ground, or a raised deck, involves installing structural support legs – posts that are embedded in cement or other aggregate material. Note that raised decks over 60cm high require a hand rail; AVS offer many selections to suit your every taste.

Care must be taken to allow for drainage and to end-treat support posts so they don’t become saturated with water and decay. Using Geotextile membrane under decking limits weeds growing through decking, so it is a vital component. It also helps protect garden planting beds and pathways from being overtaken by weed growth from below.

Types of deck treatments abound, so you’ll have a wide array of colours, and surface looks and feels to choose from at AVS. Use them to make all of your decking idea ‘Spring’ into action, for a great bbq and entertainment area this Summer.

Why Choose Decking

You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to build garden decking. A deck will bring years of enjoyment to your family and your home’s value. Explore what decking ideas appeal to you, by looking at magazines and online pictures. However, to get a true idea of what will work best for your home and yard, consult the professionals like the ones at AVS Fencing.

AVS offer free phone consultation to answer your questions, and they offer myriad pictures and tips online. The many well-stocked AVS stores located across Britain stock numerous materials and staff will readily tell you how you can bring your personal decking ideas to fruition. These include many variations in styles, sizes, height, steps, handrails and an assortment of colours for decking woods.

Here is a list to start you on your way with your new decking project.

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