How to Convert Metric to Imperial

Metric to Imperial Conversion

Our helpful conversion chart will assist you with measurements at the AVS Fencing online shop. Please note these are approximate and rounded for simplicity and not a legally binding part of our offer.

The reason that we use both metrics is that there is quite a diverse audience buying garden fencing, which tend to prefer measuring in different metrics.

Millimetres Inches Metres Feet
20mm ¾” 0.3M 1′
25mm 1″ 0.6M 2′
32mm 1 ¼” 0.75M 2’6″
38mm 1 ½” 0.9M 3′
50mm 2″ 1.0M 3’3″
65mm 2 ½” 1.05M 3’6″
75mm 3″ 1.2M 4′
100mm 4″ 1.4M 4’6″
125mm 5″ 1.5M 5′
150mm 6″ 1.65M 5’6″
175mm 7″ 1.8M 6′
200mm 8″ 2.0M 6’6″
250mm 10″ 2.1M 7′
300mm 12″ 2.4M 8′
450mm 18″ 2.7M 9′
600mm 24″ 3.0M 10′
750mm 30″ 3.3M 11′
900mm 36″ 3.6M 12′
3.96M 13′
4.27M 14′
4.57M 15′
4.80M 16′
6.0M 20′
9.15M 30′
12.5M 41′
25M 82′
50M 164′

Metric Imperial Sizes

Our current practice is to supply most items in metric sizes but some items in imperial sizes. This is because of the differing practices adopted by our suppliers. On many occasions this will not matter to you, in some situations it will have a significant effect.


Grange Elite Lattice are 1.8M in width, matching all of the grange Elite Range.

Traditional Fence Panels are 1.83M wide so if an Elite Lattice was added on top of a Lap Panel it would be short and not fit well between the posts.

Which ranges are Imperial?


We reserve the right to vary this and sell similar sized items interchangeably according to availability. Therefore if size is important to you please let us know during the checkout process.


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