Landscape Gardening: Beautify Your Garden!

Use landscape gardening to compose your yards and other properties, and you’ll benefit greatly from doing so. Your pleasure will continue as you enjoy your garden into the coming seasons, and extend on for years. Create the same feeling of relaxation and amazement you get when entering a well-organised garden…in your own backyard.

What materials to choose?

Employ different types of materials to compose distinctly unique areas. You can use a wide range of building materials to help you construct landscape gardening that reflects your personality. Several favourite ways to do this include 1) erecting fencing to back and separate areas, 2) making raised plantings beds, 3) utilising railway sleepers and fence rails to define areas, 4) combining decking or retaining earthen walls to enclose areas, and 5) creatively using pathway edging and ground coverings.

You might only want one uniform look to your garden; some of these ideas can still ‘fit’. But, for more creative landscape gardening, consider ‘mixing it up’ a bit. You can creatively use fencing to add some spark. Erecting fencing to back your gardens can protect your plantings from winds, rains, erosion from both, and animals that like munching on plants, especially veggie gardens. Add lovely wooden fencing alone or with masonry to enhance your garden’s style.

What kind of fencing?

Consider using closeboard fencing around city gardens, if you have sloping property or you want more privacy. Choose from many styles of closeboard fencing, including simple DIY fence kits and pre-made panels, to add lustre and seclusion. Would you prefer to look through your fence to surrounding woods and property? Handsome traditional post and rail or picket fencing might suit your landscape gardening, as might palisade fencing, to surround plantings. Look to sturdy arris and cant rails in oak, chestnut or softwood varieties, to create good fencing that resists tough weather. Chestnut fencing or hazel and willow hurdles add a country touch to any garden, with the latter easily hiding composting bins.

Clever Details

Create fashionable, easy-to-work raised beds and super natural edging with railway sleepers and oak planks. Use mini sleepers for easy handling, sturdy pressure treated rustic sleepers to give a more aged look to traditional spaces. Popular garden jigsaw sleepers make a unique statement, and oak sleepers further polish refined gardens. You can create striking soil-retaining walls with layered sleepers. Use them or planks for kerbing and defining garden or lawn edges. A favoured look currently is vertically planted sleepers and round or half-round posts to hold in plantings.

Combine any of these ideas to develop sublimely personal spaces. Beds that edge decking or pools make them more comfortable and cool in hot weather. Pergolas and other garden furniture add character and dimension to any garden. Work visual wonders in water pools with reflective plum slate, which also makes perfect path or driveway covering. Pea shingle or bark make ideal garden finishing, and add colour contrast.

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