Need Garden Fencing Ideas? Your Search is Over!

Looking for garden fencing ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Increasingly, gardeners are thinking of fencing as more than just a boundary to define the borders of their outside space. It also has the potential to complement your planting and form an attractive backdrop to your outdoor landscaping, which is why it’s worth putting a little extra thought into your selection at the outset. The best garden fences are functional, built to last and appealing to the eye – and these days, it’s easy than ever to tick all the boxes.

Picket Fencing

The white picket fence is one of the garden fencing ideas we tend to strongly associate with the USA, but it’s also consistently popular on this side of the Atlantic. Its low height and open construction make it ideal for front gardens, where you want to define your border without reducing visibility. Highly versatile, the picket fence suits a wide range of architectural styles – from smart new-build redbrick to quaint country cottage, and everything in between. Got a lush green lawn and roses around the door? The picket fence is the ideal finishing touch. For a little extra kerb appeal, why not take a tip from our American cousins and add a whitewash, or even a coat of paint? Perfect.

Timber Fence Panels

A rising trend in garden fencing ideas involves the use of timber panels inside your garden. Its popularity is largely due to the fact that fencing is a relatively quick and easy way to transform your landscaping. What’s more, it’s not as permanent as a brick wall – so you can feel free to experiment and get creative, safe in the knowledge that any redesign in the future won’t be a major headache. The beauty of fencing within the garden is that it can be tailored to suit your lifestyle. Want to create a defined play area for the kids? Go for a low-level fence, so that you can keep an eye on them while relaxing in the sunshine.

Trellis & Lattice

Many of us inherit fencing when we first buy a property, and – just like the previous owner’s interior decor – this won’t always be to our taste. However, replacing an entire fence can seem like an unnecessary expense if the timber is still in good condition. Luckily there are plenty of garden fencing ideas that are perfect for improving upon what’s already there. For example, a plain featheredge closeboard fence can be dressed up using trellis and lattice. Whether you choose the square-shaped pattern of trellis or the diamond-shaped design of lattice panels, the effect is both decorative and practical – both are perfectly suited for training climbing plants and vines. Lattice and trellis are also ideal for situations where the existing fence simply doesn’t offer enough privacy. Both can be attached to existing timber fencing – or even masonry – to provide a little extra height.

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