New range of Ronseal treatments and stains in stock

Introducing our newest range… Launched in 1956, Ronseal is the leading manufacturer of wood stain, paint and preservatives. We are now stocking a great selection of Ronseal products, available to purchase online and from our branches. To help you know which product you need, here is our handy little guide:

Shed & Fence Preserver:

A great all-rounder for protecting and colouring your garden wood. Shed and Fence preserver protects your wood from rot, decay, wood-burrowing insects and fungi such as blue stain, whilst also adding colour and waterproofing your wood.

• Waterproofing to prevent water ingress.
• Protects against rot, decay and woodworm.
• Superb colour and preservation for long lasting protection.

Once Coat Fence life:

Ronseal’s tag line ‘Does exactly what it says on the tin’ has never been truer. A single coat of ‘One Coat Fence Life’ is all you need to colour and protect your fence. Keeping its colour for a couple of years, this treatment will also protect your wood from greying.

This is the perfect product for a job you need done quickly.
• Rainproof in 1-2 hours.
• Colour lasts for up to 2 years.
• Protects wood from greying.
• Colours and protects all rough sawn wood.
• Suitable for use on new wood or wood that has already been stained with a similar colour.
• Safe to use around plants and pets.
• Not for use on decking, garden furniture or smooth planed wood.

Fence Life Plus:

This isn’t your bog standard fence treatment. ‘Fence life Plus+’ can be used on both rough sawn (2 coats needed) or smooth planed (3 coats needed) sheds and fences. And you won’t need to do it again for up to 5 years!
‘Fence Life Plus +’ is also very versatile, and can either be brushed on or sprayed on to save you some time. Better yet, you can even apply it to damp wood, perfect for unpredictable weather.

• Showerproof in 1 hour.
• 5 year long lasting colour.
• Protects in all weathers.
• Suitable for use on all rough sawn and smooth planed sheds and fences.
• Safe to use around plants and pets.
• Not for use on decking of garden furniture.

Ultimate Decking Oil:

Give your decking a natural look and keep it protected from the weather with this wood nourishing decking oil, available in a range of natural finishes. Rainproof in 90 minutes, ‘Ultimate Decking oil’ lasts twice as long as standard decking oils. By replacing the natural oils lost during weathering, it prevents cracking, splitting and warping.

• Rainproof in 90 minutes.
• Stops greying and weathering.
• Protects from scuffs and scratches.
• Suitable for use on untreated, weathered of previously oiled decking.

Ultimate Decking Stain:

Rainproof in 90 minutes, ‘Ultimate Decking Stain’ is the perfect choice if you want to colour your decking, whilst protecting it against harsh weather and people walking on it. It soaks deeper into the wood than standard wood stains, great if you’re looking for a long-lasting finish. ‘Ultimate Decking Stain’ is available in a range of colours.

• Rainproof in 90 minutes.
• Stops wood from greying and weathering.
• Suitable for use on untreated, weathered or previously stained decking.

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21 Feb 18