Return to Greener Pastures

After a few years in different pastures, Eddie Boyes is back on his native turf of agricultural and farming as the AVS Agricultural Sales Manager.

Teenage Eddie worked on farms throughout South East, both dairy and arable. This may account for his innate understanding and appreciation today of the common issues faced by farmers throughout the year and between seasons.

From working the fields and animals, and being an avid Young Farmer, it was a natural step to an agricultural apprenticeship at Plumpton College, in Lewes. Though no great academic he got his qualifications. The fun though was in getting his hands dirty and wearing muddy wellies; his fashion-statement whilst harvesting crops, driving tractors and milking cows.

Eddie says ‘There’s nothing more I enjoy than getting to know livestock; I thoroughly enjoyed my time working as a herdsman. I tend to get on very well with cows!’

After three years on the land, Eddie washed off his wellies, donned hard cap boots, and headed into retail.

‘Working as a farmer was wonderful and tough. But I needed a new challenge so I started at Scats Country Stores (now Mole Country Stores), a supplier of farming supplies.

It was great fun using my knowledge off the farm and then advising customers what to buy for their crops, livestock and agricultural fencing. I could also still go to all the shows and ploughing matches which meant I could stay close to my roots.’ said Eddie.

A further decade on, Eddie decided a change of scenery was needed and moved to work for McVeigh Parker Farm & Fencing Suppliers.

It was second nature to Eddie with post and rail, livestock fencing and field gates were discussed. With a sensitivity born out of having been there facing the everyday demands of running a farm, Eddie made sure his clients got the right advice, product, and quality at a good price; and at the right time.

‘A farmer has enough to worry about in the autumn and winter. What they don’t need is to have their fencing let them down. With time tight to get livestock and sowing sorted before the weather turns, it is critical to quickly offer the right service; which is what I love doing’.

Eddie was welcomed to AVS Fencing Supplies in 4th May 2005, bringing many of his old customers with him. He moved up through the ranks to eventually run the AVS branch in Milford.

With his recent promotion to Agricultural Sales Manager, he is keen to make an impression and welcomes a chat (something he does in abundance) to see how he can help you with your agricultural fencing needs. ‘Now that the chill of the autumn mornings has kicked off, the time is approaching to sort the animal’s winter housing out’, says Eddie.

He would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact Eddie or mobile 07475 821899 today.

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25 Sep 18