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Fence boundaries – a guide to who’s responsible

We all – well, nearly all – want to get on with our neighbours. Whilst we all might want to get along, disputes over boundaries can be a wonderful shortcut from sharing cups of tea to sharing cold stares. However, by following this guide, you should avoid any serious fallings out, and save yourself the…

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21 Sep 18

Using AVS sleepers to build raised beds for your garden

One of the core products we’ve supplied to The Famous Five Garden project at BBC Countryfile Live on the grounds of Blenheim Palace are ​sleepers​ for raised planter beds. Sleepers are ideal for landscaping projects of endless varieties, balancing versatility with robustness for a flexible gardening solution which you can trust will last. At BBC…

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04 Aug 18

5 reasons to use AVS for your fencing supplies

After 25 years spent delivering high-quality fencing solutions to customers working on landscaping and construction projects, both business-driven and DIY-focused, AVS Fencing Supplies have grown to nine branches across South and East England. An unbridled knowledge of fencing meets unwavering confidence in our stock to create a proven winning formula: the foundation for any project,…

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12 Jul 18

The complete guide to pet fencing

We love our pets: we love them for their individuality; we love them for their freedom. But these charming animal spirits aren’t such great news when you’re watching a much-loved family companion charging off towards a busy road. This is where pet fencing comes in. Being a responsible pet owner means keeping your animals safe…

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01 Jun 18

How to design your own landscaped garden

Not many of us have the skill or resource to build a home from scratch, but if you have a grand gardening design in mind, you can create something wonderful on your own. It will take some planning, and probably a fair deal of sweat, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to make…

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24 May 18

10 spring garden tips to get summer-ready

The only reliable thing about the British weather is its unreliability. But although the time when spring will be finally unsprung is a changeable feat, you can plan good spring garden to prepare for the season of seeds, spring cleaning, and maybe even some sunshine with these spring gardening tips.   1. Clean and replace…

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18 Apr 18

How to build a wire fence with wood posts

Wire fencing is a quick and cost-effective way to put barriers around even large areas of land. It’s a staple of agricultural and animal fencing, and chain link fences are also popular with gardeners, home chicken keepers, and pet owners. AVS Fencing can supply everything you need to erect your wire fence with wooden fence…

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29 Mar 18

The AVS fence post spacing guide

Like most outdoor DIY tasks, getting fence post spacing right is easy enough if you follow a few simple rules. It’s time that’s worth taking, both for the function and the look of your fencing project. There are two categories when it comes to fences and getting the spacing of your posts right: panel fencing…

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23 Mar 18

The Joys of Modern Garden Fencing

Modern fencing combines functionality and great aesthetics. With the wide range of contemporary designs now available, your garden fencing is no longer just a means of privacy and security, it’s the frame to your outdoor living space. Whilst this can equate to a bold style statement, it’s not just about the visual appearance. With so many…

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21 Feb 18

A Complete Guide To Livestock Fencing

Stock Fencing A versatile wire mesh fencing available in different specifications to suit a wide range of livestock. For applications likely to get heavy use the high tensile version gives a much longer useful life. Available in a range of different grades, C, L and HT (High Tensile.). These are usually stocked in 50 meter…

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21 Feb 18