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Fence boundaries – a guide to who’s responsible

We all – well, nearly all – want to get on with our neighbours. Whilst we all might want to get along, disputes over boundaries can be a wonderful shortcut from sharing cups of tea to sharing cold stares. However, by following this guide, you should avoid any serious fallings out, and save yourself the…

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21 Sep 18

The AVS fence post spacing guide

Like most outdoor DIY tasks, getting fence post spacing right is easy enough if you follow a few simple rules. It’s time that’s worth taking, both for the function and the look of your fencing project. There are two categories when it comes to fences and getting the spacing of your posts right: panel fencing…

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23 Mar 18

Post and Rail Fencing – Ideal Surroundings

Picture: Fencing installed by RS Fencing | www.rsfencing.co.uk What is Post & Rail Fencing? Post & Rail fencing is a generic term used to describe any fencing system comprising of solid timber post & rails and has three main variations comprising of Cleft, Half-Round & Square Cut. Post and rail is not only for livestock, but also demarcation;…

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13 Feb 18

Metal Fence Posts – Anchors of Security

Be sure to use top quality metal fence posts to secure gates and fencing – for strength, for long life and for ease of mind. With superior posts, installed correctly, you’ll know they’ll hold up any fencing, and last. This applies if you are installing, repairing or reinforcing fencing whether steel security fencing, decorative metal panels, wire mesh…

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10 Feb 18